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About Us

What We Do  

Business Control Assistance

We believe that that all businesses irrespective of size, require attention to be given to the five main control areas of Sales, Production / Purchasing,  Finance,  Personnel and Administration. We have found from experience that in general small businesses primary have strengths in one or perhaps two of these areas but have deficiencies to varying degrees in the other areas. In many cases this is down to the cost of acquiring the necessary specialism. Often this expertise is not needed on a full time basis.

We have developed the facility to provide a finance director function on a part time basis to small businesses. This will involve different things in different situations but would normally include provision of budgets and reporting performance towards these targets to the management together with recommendations of actions required. It may also include cash flow management, credit control, PAYE, VAT, loan management and personnel management. In some cases it involves overseeing the finance department totally and can include liaison with banks and other lenders.

The Art of Planning

With all businesses the difference between a good company and a great company often comes down to proper planning and control. Before we start to climb the ladder of success it is vital to make sure it is leaning against the right wall!! Time spent in planning whether for a new business, an existing business, a new project or an existing project is never wasted. After planning of course it is time for action but without building in effective controls the results can be quite different from the original plan.

The starting point for any plan is an idea, dream or goal - a direction in which to head. Next establish where you are now and how you intend getting to that goal. Then determine what resources you need to get there - human, financial, capital, physical and intellectual. Having established all this then work out a time frame to do it in and devise ways to measure your performance giving you feedback on your progress towards that goal. Finally set up a system of control to ensure that the feedback received is used to adjust the performance if required.

Sounds easy doesn't it? ..and it is easy. Rocket science it ain't but it does take time and attention to make it happen. Remember that control is simply to compel, to conform, to plan.

At ASC Wylie we specialise in providing creative and innovative solutions to business challenges. We believe in keeping the solution as simple as possible but we are convinced that for every problem there is a solution. We are committed to working closely alongside your business as a bolt on resource.

We can assist you to develop your business. Whether you are at the planning stage, starting to take action on your plan, controlling your performance towards your plan or at the final stage - keeping as much of the hard earned profit in your hands and donating as little as legally possible to your friendly taxman.

Tax Planning

We are experts in tax planning for both individuals and companies to reduce the impact of Income Tax, Corporation Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax. A Tax Return preparation service is provided on a fixed fee basis which includes a schedule detailing tax payment dates and complimentary tax planning advice.

We work throughout the UK and Ireland using the latest technology. Data can be manually sent but more often is transferred via e mail or directly controlled from our office using remote software. Meetings are generally via telecommunication but can be face to face where necessary.

Additional Services


We offer a full range of bookkeeping services from basic data input through VAT and payroll services to monthly management accounts preparation with or without the addition of the management control service detailed above. We also offer bookkeeping training which can be tailored to any requirements.


Of course, we also offer the traditional accounts preparation and accountancy advice. We can advise on information technology and how this might best be used in your business.


We can assist with your tax compliance requirements as well - preparing Income Tax or Corporation Tax returns.




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What We Do


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