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About Us

Advice given and all documents prepared by us are for your use only and are specific to the matter to which they relate. We do not accept responsibility to you or any other party where our work is used for any other purpose. All copyright relating to any work we produce remains with us.


We may communicate with you by letter, fax, email or verbally and will endeavour to do so in a clear and precise manner that is easily understood.


All information will be held by us in strict confidence and will not be disclosed to third parties without prior authority from you except as required by law. External assessors may review our files on a strictly confidential basis to ensure compliance with the firm's professional standards unless you advise us in writing that you do not wish to permit such access.


Details in respect of your affairs will be kept on computer record and are regulated under the Data Protection Act. All data will be retained for the period during which our business relationship subsists and for a period thereafter as required by law or other regulations. After the expiry of that period all data will be destroyed.


Under the Proceeds of Crime Act we are required to report to the Serious Organised Crime Agency if we consider that any matters we become aware of derive from the proceeds of a criminal act (which may include taxation offences). As it is an offence to prejudice further SOCA investigation by "tipping off' a person who is the subject of suspicion or any third party who is suspected of money laundering, you will not be advised of any such report.


Our fees are intended to be fair and reasonable and are computed on the basis of time spent by the principal and the staff on your affairs. The applicable rates are dependent on the levels of skill and responsibilities required and take into account the inherent value, complexity, risk, urgency and importance of the assignment.


Fees will be rendered at appropriate intervals throughout the year and are due by the date indicated on the invoice. Where fees are outstanding after that date we may add interest at the statutory rate thereafter until the balance is paid.


The amount of standing order that we suggest setting up is designed to collect around 90% of the expected annual fee inclusive of VAT. The level of fees is in general, reasonably similar year on year with normally only a small annual inflationary increase occurring and hence any balancing amount will normally be quite small. However, there may be occasions when you have requested that additional work be carried out in which case the balancing amount due may be greater.


In view of the administration involved, we would not normally suggest increasing the standing order on an annual basis but would review it on a three to four year cycle.


The standing orders are set off against the fees raised covering the same period for which the payments were made. In the first period this can lead to a larger balancing payment in respect of the invoice covering that period since there may be fewer than the full 12 monthly standing order payments to set against the invoice total.


If for any reason you are dissatisfied with any aspects of our service or the fees we have charged, please let us know and we will endeavour to resolve your concerns. Whereas minor matters are best dealt with verbally, in the event that you wish to make a formal complaint, please address your concerns in writing directly to Arnold Wylie. We will acknowledge receipt of your letter within 5 working days and an investigation will be carried out immediately. You will be informed of the outcome of that investigation within 2 working days of its completion. Should you still be dissatisfied at the end of that process you should contact the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.


These terms are governed by law as applicable to Northern Ireland.


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